In the shadow under the forest trees, just five minute walk from the eastern beach for beatiful sunbath or snorkeling, and western beach for amazing sunset in the andaman sea.Bungalow start at 600 Bath with fan

Enjoy your lunch and dinner with thai,  western, and italian food
B.B.Q every-night, fresh sea food
Fruit shakes


Thanks to Boleslav’s for this post on READERS’ TRIP REPORTS

There are 9 bungalows there
the bungalows are either without shower (for 700TB/night)
smaller with shower (900TB/night)
larger with shower (1200TB/night)
all have mosquito nets,
there are 4 dorm beds in the open verandah for 250tb/night) 

  • Transportation:

Wally can help with the transportation to the island from Trang or other places. We used Tigerline ferry, but there are cheaper options

  • The cost of food:

(note that the portions are generous)
breakfast : from TB 80-150 (selection of american breakfast, sandviches, omelette, mussli,fruit…)

  • Lunch/dinner-

average price 120-200TB per meal, beverages extra, selection of Thai meals or spagetti, french fries hamburger…
or if you are really hungry, you can get New Zealand steak either 1 kilo for gents (1800TB)
or 1/2 kilo for ladies (1200TB)

  • cost of the rent:

snorkeling gear- 100tb per day (note that the selection is very limited)
kayak: 150tb/hour or 400tb/half dayWally can organize 4 island snorkeling tour visiting: Emerald cave (the best time to go there is around 8:30 before the hordes from day boats get there and you have the pirates cave for yourself)
Ko Chuk, Ko Ma and Ko Ngai, 2400TB/ longboat, so if you get more people together, it’ll be cheaper.

  • The activities:

kayak around the island -took us 3 hours with the stops on some lonely beachesSnorkeling from the beach – the best is in from of the national park, when looking into the sea, there is orange buoy, swim right from there
snorkeling from the South beach (access via path from Paradise lost)
from anywhere really, just a bit more difficult when the tide is low

Sunset watching-
heavenly from the Sunset beach or the viewpont above Sunset beach, access to the beach from Paradise lost

Sunrise –
from the main beach in front of the resorts

  • Other note:

Wally has 9 Thai ridgeback dogs, who will greet anyone with nice bark, but are friendly, some shy.Wally looks like he does not pay attention but that’s very deceiving, he knows what’s going on, will ask you every morning if everything is OK, make sure his manager books anything you requested, just the perfect manager, not in your face, but making sure all’s running smoothly.

He runs generators 24hrs, so there’s TV, very cold beer, water, homemade ice cream and lights around the resort.



  1. Hi wally,

    Just come across your place while looking at some info on the island, i will be coming to thailand in april (after Songkran) and am enquiring about accomadation. how much would you charge for basic fan, Bungalow, shared bathroom on a monthly basis paid upfront?

    Also the same for your dorm accomadation

    your place looks really nice and i think i will given the island a try

    Kind regards


  2. Dear Wally

    I was looking into your place and it looks amazing. I was wondering whether it would be possible to book a bungalow for three people for a night on the 17th August?



  3. hello
    my crew and i were looking for a place to stay for two nights feb 23 and 24 2012, there are four of us so we would need 2 rooms. please let us know if you have any space available. we were also wondering on the 25 (check out day) we wanted to be in ko phi phi by 1500. is that possible from your island? ok thank you!
    kind regards
    maurice respes

  4. Please check the page for BOOKING 😉 Wally hasn’t got Internet Connection in Ko Kradan… so he doesn’t seen these comments

    Just Call or Send a SMS for Booking
    From Abroad: 0066 – 89 – 5872409
    From Thailand: 089 – 5872409

  5. Several reefs sit right off of Samui and most site visitors can’t resist the impulse to be able to add a cover up and snorkel and also have a peek at … Your five tricks for selecting travel video games for youngsters ;…kids mask

  6. please contact me urgently as we want to come and stay in the next few days, my email is, we want to stay upto one week and are a family with two small children so we could have just an extra single bed if possible that the children could share, what would be the price per night and can we get a deal which includes breakfast perhaps? khob khun ka. dates we want to come are from tuesday 22nd january until perhaps end january. hoping you can do bood discount!!!! thanks

  7. Hi!
    Do you have a bungalow available on 13-18 of February 2014 for a family with two adults and one one-year old?

    • You’ve sent this to wrong person !!

      Sent from my iPhone

  8. Hi Wally
    You’re place looks lovely. Do you have any bungalows with shower available from 2nd jan to 5th jan?
    Isobel & phil

  9. Do you have a free bungalow 12.2.2015 til 15.2.2015?
    kind regards

    • Wrong email !!

      Sent from my iPhone


  10. Hi Wally,
    I would like to stay at Koh Kradan from 22nd January, probably for 3 or 4 days. I would like to know if one of the dorm beds is still available? Since your place is the only one I can afford on the island it would be great if you could reply before Thursday:-)
    Kind regards,


  11. Hello Wally, i phoned several times from holland on all the diverent numbers given but could get no contact also on sms.
    My wife and me would like to stay a week or so at your place we are in Trang at 10 february so starting from 11 or so .Hope it will be possible (our daughter loved your place) We will try to contact you again when we are in Thailand
    Best greetings john&paula

  12. Hi!
    Paradise Lost seems to be the accomodation I am Looking for!
    Me and my husband will be on ko kradan next november, from 25 to 29.We would like a bungalow with our own bathroom and shower. Is it possible to make a reservation?
    How much does it cost?
    Thank you guys!

    • you can reserve room by sms +66 90 704 5485

  13. Please check the page for BOOKING 😉 Paradise Lost hasn’t got Internet Connection in Ko Kradan… so he doesn’t seen these comments

    Just Call or Send a SMS for Booking
    From Abroad: 0066 – 89 – 5872409
    From Thailand: 089 – 5872409

  14. Hi, is it possible to reserve a double room with bathroom between the 24 November 15 and the 29 November 15 (5 nights), a room with an ocean view would be great.
    Could you let me know the price by email please
    Colin (UK)

    • Hi Mr Colin
      you reserve room by mobile phone please contact this num
      +66 907 045 485 send sms

  15. Hello, i want to update people about Paradise Lost. As many know, Wallie, the founder member of Paradise Lost passed away some months ago. Gianni, friend of Wallie and founder member of Paradise Lost is continuing to run the resort with same spirit in a natural way. In these weeks some bungalows have been fixed and others improved. Today we have 12 bungalows with prices from 800 baht for 3 bungalows without bathroom. 1200baht for 2 small bungalows with bathroom, 1,600-1800 baht for larger bungalows. 2000 -2400 baht for family bungalow. in addition we have 3 rooms with toilet outside for 700 baht. The restaurant has pizza, pasta and Thai food. New convenience for customers. 1800 bath have hot water for the shower.

    For reservations call or send sms to +66 907 045 485 from abroad or 0907 045 485 from Thailand.

  16. Hello,
    Do you have availability for 4 nights from 26th to 30th of december? And how much does it costs?

    • Yes we have room share, bath700 per night thanks, best regard

  17. Hello … my friend recommended your wonderful place warmly – is it possible to rent two bungalows with shower from 26 – 29 December? I look forward to hear from you. Best regards, Susanne

  18. Hello Susanne.For 26-29 december there is only 1 available bungalow with bathroom. It is a family bungalow with 2 rooms with terrace and bathroom in common. It costs 2500 baht. Eventually we have 2 other bungalows without bathroom for 900baht each one.
    For faster communication call or send sms to +66 907 045 485 from abroad or 0907 045 485 from Thailand.

    • *prices are intended for 1 night

    • Thank you for your reply, I have sent you SMS asking if there is room for 4 in the family bungalow.

      • Sorry but we didn’t receive the sms. If u can, retry or eventually send an email to
        thank you very much
        Take care

  19. Hello
    Is it possible to make a reservation for 3 persons 23/12 – 29/12 and a reservation for 2 pers. 23/12 – 28/12. We will love to stay at your wondelfull resort. Best regards Anette Kristensen Denmark

    • Hello Annette, if u mean 23/02/2016, yes u can make the reservation 🙂
      For confirmation, better to call n.+66907045485

  20. Hi, I wrote a sms with a booking request for 7th – 9th March and just want to make sure that you received it? Looking forward to your response. Thanks, Ricardo

    • hi Ricardo, we didn’t receive your sms. If u prefer by email, you csn write at

  21. Hi ! Do you stil have dorm room for 300bth/night?? Î’m planning to come in March.

  22. hi I would like to know how many beds for two bedrooms room?single bed or twin bed? is it include air condition? what is the size of the bed/ Thanks

  23. Hello 😉

    We are 8 adults and 2 children ( 8 and 13 year old). We just bought the tickets to Bangkok and we start to organise our journey 🙂
    We are interested in booking your Bungalows from 30.12.2018 – 04.01.2019 Can you let us know, if is still available, please?

    How much will be for us ?

    Best Regards Aleksandra

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