We have no direct email service, no cars, no trucks,
1 motor bike with sidecar on the island
please call – when is possibile – or send an SMS to mr. Wally (the phone works only on the beachside)

From Abroad: 0066 – 89 – 5872409

From Thailand: 089 – 5872409

For more futher information and help from mainland:
Seabreeze cafe/travel agency in Trang.
Tel: 0066 89 973 3034 , 0066 86 686 5855
Email :

Information about the author of this website

Wally is not the directly owner of this website. He doesn’t have the directly access to any email, so the unique way to contact him is by his mobile phone.
Please do not comment with your requests of booking: just call to Wally or send him a short message 🙂

From Comments



  1. We are trying to reach Wally at the paradise lost resort, we would like to know if there’s availibilities for January 9th to january 18th.
    We’re from montréal, we’d love to come to see you!

    • Call him or send him an Sms with SkypeOut!
      Wally hasn’t got the internet connection, he never seen the old and this new website! Please contact him directly by mobile!

  2. Hello

    is Wally reachable by mobile? I read so many misleading comments on correct/incorrect phone numbers.
    I’m looking for accommodation for 10-12 Feb 2011 with Paradise Lost.
    Do you have recommendations on travel from Trang airport other than Tigerline, I heard there were cheaper options?
    thank you so much

    • Hello from Canada,

      Do you have room 10 or 11B available on Jan 25-Jan 30th.

      Thank you,

      Carel featherstone

  3. What tel. is correct? Written above here : 0066 – 89 – 5872409 OR Also (0066) 09567 2409 is written in website UPDATE SEPT 09 – several people have found contacting Wally a bit difficult. I just got a message from Karoolsie – “I was there in June. He is not too keen on E.mail Cell: 0895872409 Also (0066) 09567 2409 But he said that must regulars make bookings with a SMS.”

  4. Wally now has a WIFI

  5. Edmontonions wondering if you had a smaller room w/shower available for jan 3 for 2 nights. If not I guess any will do. We want to get off lanta and get away from the crowds. Thank you

  6. Hello, can anyone tell me if in May (22-30 May) we can reach the island by boat and how is the weather in that period?We’d love to visit Ko Kradan and Wally but we are not sure if the Monsone will begin in May!
    Thank you very much!

    • Koh Kradan always have nice weather, well, some showers, mainly at night keeps everything green and clean. The West-Monsun hasn’t started jet, so your Longtail boat will approach from the east. It’s just a little walk from there. Have fun, Phuket-Ben.

    • I visited last May for 4 days and literally had the entire island to myself! The weather was perfect! We watched thunderstorms develop over Koh Muk but they never reached Kradan.

  7. i spoke to wally today after 15 years. i spent 12 idyllic weeks with him on his yacht windstar in 97. his favorite quote at the time was “IF CANT DO IT SHORTS DONT DO IT AT ALL”. visit him you wont wont regret it!

  8. Hi Wally, please could you send me confirmation for booking of one room for three nights for 2 adults and one child from 26/02/2013 till 02/03/2013 in your hotel. I have just speaking with your friend by phone. Thank you. my email adress :

  9. Hi Wally!
    I called and spoke with Khun Nok I believe about booking a stay at Paradise Lost in June. It would be for 3 nights from 25 June 2013 to 28 June 2013. This would be for 2 adults and we would like to book one of the large private bungalows with a private bathroom. This would be the 1200 THB/night room. If you could confirm this is available, that would be great! My e-mail is

    Also I wanted to ask about the weather at Koh Kradan in June. Is the water too choppy/rough to snorkel? Will boats run to the other islands? Is the rain a problem? I’m sure I will come no matter what but would like to know the weather conditions. We would also need boat transport from Trang to Kradan.

    Thank you

  10. Hi Liv,

    I just saw your post on the web site for Paradise Lost and since we know Wally, have stayed there many times, I felt like responding to you.

    This web site was created for Wally by his friends, which was great idea, but it makes the travelers think that Wally is on the web checking his emails and web site. Wally is great 72 years old guy who cares for his customers, but his vision is very poor and for him to see the tiny letters on the screen and it means he needs to take a magnifying glass and try to read it.

    In another words, he does not check it, he does not reply to emails, however, if you spoke to Nok, she has great system to keep her reservations.

    From my experience, I would suggest that you send a text message asking about your booking, boat reservation. Nok is good in replying promptly via text message.


  11. Help, has Wally changed his phone number. Trying to make a reservation November 25 for just one night and can’t seem to get in touch with him. Any suggestions or a current phone number.

    Ck in the USA

  12. Hi there,

    I can´t get Nok or Wally on the phone number which are written here…I visited them last year and there everything with this phone number was ok, but now there is no reply for my mobile messages…any idea´s of new phone number??


  13. Dominic,
    hope you were able to get hold of them.
    The phone number is correct, but keep in mind that the connection is not always good. Nok is good about replying quickly, so if you do not hear from her in couple of days, send the SMS again.

  14. Hello! We want to stay in Your hotel with 23,02,2015 on 26,02,2015 in bungalows with private bathroom. Is there any free Bungalow. Waiting for the answer . Anna

  15. there is no youth hotel on Ko Kradan and there is definitely no FREE bungalow there.

    As mentioned before, you have to contact Paradise lost via sending them s text message to number:
    From Abroad: 0066 – 89 – 5872409
    From Thailand: 089 – 5872409

    and inquire what’s available. It may take few days for them to reply, so I’d say if you do not hear from them in 3-4 days, send the text message again.

  16. Hello, i want to update people about Paradise Lost. As many know, Wally, the founder member of Paradise Lost passed away some months ago. Gianni, friend of Wally and founder member of Paradise Lost is continuing to run the resort with same spirit in a natural way. In these weeks some bungalows have been fixed and others improved. Today we have 12 bungalows with prices from 800 baht for 3 bungalows without bathroom. 1200baht for 2 small bungalows with bathroom, 1,600-1800 baht for larger bungalows. 2000 -2400 baht for family bungalow. in addition we have 3 rooms with toilet outside for 700 baht. The restaurant has pizza, pasta and Thai food. New convenience for customers.From 1800 bath hot water for the shower.

    For reservations call or send sms to +66 907 045 485 from abroad or 0907 045 485 from Thailand.

  17. Good day, my wife and I would like to book a bungalow on the 4th and 5th of January 2016. Do you have anything available for these days? My phone number is +44 7555908623. My email address is:
    Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards,
    Gionata Gatto

  18. Gionata- if you want to make a reservation at Paradise Lost, you need to call or text them, see the information above:
    For reservations call or send sms to +66 907 045 485 from abroad or 0907 045 485 from Thailand.

    My preference is to send them a text message and wait for a response. If you do not get any within couple of days, send it again. Sometimes the phones do not work there too well.
    I have stayed with them 6x over the last 6 years and this is my preferred method to reserve a bungalow, and it worked every single time via text message.

  19. please ,is it possible to reserve one room with bathroom for two person from 18\01/2016 to 22/012016.How much does it cost? Thank you Antonino

  20. Antonio, I think it would be helpful if you read the post just above yours. This web site was set up by friends of the Paradise Lost, is not maintained on a regular basis.
    If you want any reservation you have to make at least a small effort to read the instructions above 🙂

  21. Hi is there an email address to write to? doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Text has been sent to the number mentioned above! Best regards, Karuna

  22. Wally died over a year ago.
    the New owner is using the same phone number as mentioned above.
    They do not have an email, only phone reservations

  23. Thank you – there seems to be a website too

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